Beebe is a Hot Dog

“Give me my ducky!”

Success! Beebe has completed the first 8 weeks of Flyball training and has advanced to a Hot Dog. Soon, with paws and fingers crossed, she may become a Flyball Dog if all the training goes well. She is taking the ball without hesitation from the launch box and returning it to me making all her hurdles. Well, most of them anyway. The instructors commented on her good recall and responsiveness to commands while off lead.

Ike was also evaluated today for proper drive and willingness to work under pressure. He LOVES the hurdles and jumping. He has a wonderful recall and seemed eager to bring the ball all the way back to me. He is very social with women, aloof still with men, but loves to play and hates being left out of the fun. In contrast to Beebe, who has a rather large snarky space bubble that she feels compelled to protect, Ike is just wonderful with all dogs and has so much grace, elegance and good manners when he plays. He is now an official Flyball student.

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