Shiba Flyball Duo

Beebe REALLY likes flyball, and is learning how to take the ball from the launch box. We are finding that the use of lazer pens and a fox tail greatly improves her desire to retrieve on command and recall over hurdles.

Apparently it works for Ike as well, although he seems to like simply being with people and working to please-wow! He came to practice last week and we had some extra time, so we decided to give him a test run. He was raring to go! He cleared the jumps without issue but had a little hesitantion taking the tennis ball from a stranger. He isn’t exactly competitive, but he is so much nicer and more predictable around other dogs.

He immediately began wooing some other team members dogs and they all seem smitten with him-enough so that he was offered a spot as the second Shiba Flyball Student! It looks like he and Beebe will be one, big, bad Shiba Flyballing duo if all works out (as best as can be hoped for given that these are Shibas after all ;).

Tell me what you think!

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