The Shibas "Enjoy" a Fast

After an initial enthusiastic dive into their raw meals in the beginning, Ike is now starting to leave about 1/2 of his meals uneaten. It’s possible the dogs were getting a little bound up and they may have been getting too much bone in their diet. I feel this may be the case, as I am noticing more white chalky material in some stools and I when I feed meals like tripe, I am picking up the pungent remains often 3 days later, so things aren’t moving along as nicely as they were on the grain diets. I have re-evaluated and gone thru all that they eat and made some good changes, and one big change is the addition of a fasting day to allow the gut time to move things thru. Also, more whole meat pieces/meaty quarters and less necks.

Anyways, I felt like a real dirtbag when I sat down for a nice toasted crumpet with lemon curd and the dogs were looking at me like, “Feed us, you giant ape!” So, in the future, we will be fasting together with some small snacks to keep the wolves away. Good news is this morning following the fast, the dogs ate their entire meal (a chicken quarter each with the bits) and they had several good poos over the last 24 hours, so it seems they are all caught up and ready to begin their “work” week.

One thought on “The Shibas "Enjoy" a Fast

  1. This is exactly what we adopted.. we all fasted on Sunday and laid low, water and small, very small, snacks handed out throughout the day. Its not bad, it takes getting used to, but the benefits are worth it. You rock, Lindsay!

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