The Shibas Enjoy Raw Meat

First raw organ meal (beef liver)-check

First by product meal (bison heart)-check
First whole prey item (smelt)-check
Growing my own quail eggs to throw in every day or so-check
No more kibble-check
Amazing coats-check
Next step-whole quail

We went to the butcher shop and selected a most unusual array of locally raised meat products including bison tongue and hearts, flash frozen smelts and whole rabbits. We weren’t brave enough to take home the sweet breads or spleens, but next visit I would like to buy some chicken feet, sardines, whole pheasant for variety, and some venison for red meat-but I’m not sure what cuts to get.

If anyone is ever interested in that old-timey butcher shop feel, seriously go check out Green Valley Meats in Auburn, WA on Black Diamond Road. They don’t have a web page, but they have an amazing selection of locally raised and hand butchered meats. They also process wild game (like quail!)

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