Disqualifying Faults

Although not exactly contradictory to any specific AKC rule, unintentionally producing pups that deviate from the standard is expected when breeding, after all genetics are not always predictable. Selling them is something that is basically up to the breeders judgement on how best to proceed. The ethical thing, in my opinion, is to place a pup with a DQ (disqualifying fault) like over/under height, misaligned bite, or less seriously non standard color, in a screened pet home on a spay/neuter contract.

AKC makes no demands that a breeder do this, only that the breeder abide ethically when breeding along with following some other pitifully inadequate rules mainly concerning registration. AKC is after all, primarily a registration body involved in the pedigree sports of purebred dogs, although the more recent approach is to profess a passion for all things dog, purebred or mix. Some breeders really walk a fine line, however, on the ethics front. They profess to abide by their breed clubs code of ethics, but then I see well known breeders with dogs in the top 20 selling Mame Shiba on their webpages.

“Mame Male Shiba available Aug 31st!I named him “Hamburgular” because he loves Hamburger.He loves to be held, will be very small.sold on a Pet Contract – Please Call me”

What am I to make of all this? To me, this promotes poor breeding practice by endorsing fad breeding. While not exactly violating any AKC rules, like improperly registering a litter or falsifying a pups birth in order to gain registry with NIPPO or JKC, this is a big ethical DQ in my book regardless.

2 thoughts on “Disqualifying Faults

  1. You know, we tend to think people who have their dogs won AKC championships to be GOOD breeders. But winning a piece of paper doesn't make ANYBODY good. In general, AKC champ breeders do care about where the offpsring of their dogs go and what they are breeding for. But just because your dogs are champions or bloodline of champions, doesn't make you a good, ethical person. However, the breeder may just see the word 'mame' as a way to describe 'small'. It's kind of like making your blog title something interesting so that people will click on it to read further. A lot of people probably search for 'mame shiba' and come across that page.

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