Disgusting Parasites

There’s a what in my what!!!!!

I periodically check stool samples on my dogs for many reasons to screen for intestinal parasites. We are on the road a lot and tend to spend our weekends at Fairgrounds for competetions, where less unscrupulous dog owners may not have cleaned up after their dogs, or medicated them, or even realized they were harboring these disgusting horrid monsters (the worms, not those little yappy 3lb finger bitters).
Beebe goes to daycare once a week and believe me, she hasn’t gotten over the habit of putting everything in her mouth. Is she a human toddler or a dog? I can’t be too sure sometimes. Ike is also a relentless hand washer, he may be a little OCD in fact, but it could also just be that he likes his gloves to be uber white, so he spends a great deal of time cleaning them. They could at any moment be host to all sorts of burrowing worms.
Imagine my utter disgust and tingly sensation in a bad way when I found Hookworm eggs in a poo sample. We started fenbendazole and will check serial poos, if this does not clear it up, something stronger and more long term will be needed. This can be a very tenacious parasite. I have often seen it in Greyhounds fresh off the track and in rescue, and provided the meds for months to years for entire packs of dogs living together.
Living with multiple dogs and now multiple species, I do keep the yard picked up immediately anyways, and clean. I don’t feel this was something aquired from lack of sanitation in my home or eating a raw diet, (the dogs would be more likely to pick up coccidia from the Quail if anything, and they aren’t allowed into the Quail area), but more as a result of travel and daily life with multiple dogs that are out and about away from home.
A coworker teased me and suggested I might contract larval migrans, now that would truely be something disgusting and horrible. This hookworm infestation, this is just a disgusting inconvienience of living it up. Good thing we check stool samples!

2 thoughts on “Disgusting Parasites

  1. After a year and 3 months of feeding *and experimenting* with raw, we haven't had a single parasite issue.. actually I think it makes the body less desirable to parasitic hosts, though I can't back that up scientifically. A foster came to us with tapeworm, which was not caught by either of my dogs. A playmate of theirs had roundworm and ours did not catch that either. Hookworm though, ugh! Is it just Ike?

  2. Actually, neither of my raw dogs (ike or Beebe) have it. I just liked the pic! It's my visiting girl who is kibble-fed. She had been on the show circuit recently out of a show home, not from the breeder, so I think her having this was a combination of being kibble fed and being shown all over. As I said, our homes are all very clean. I am sure she also had this prior to my collecting her. It reaffirms my decision to stick with raw. I think you are correct about raw making it less desirable for parasites. I really want to switch her over, but I'm sticking with what the owner wants…

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