On the Road Again, Ike has a Brag

Back home at last from a quick overnight in Port Angeles for another dog show. Ike earned his very first point ever! There was a suprisingly good entry for Shiba at this location, and a really good experience. This was my first time hauling all of my show gear with me and multiple dogs for an overnight stay away from home, vs just a leash and some dog food like in the old days. After cramming all my “necessary” junk into my compact eco friendly commuter, I am definately sensing the need for a larger vehicle.

The show grounds were sweltering, but at least there was a good breeze and lots of shade. It was really beautiful and sunny. Ike began dropping some coat from the heat, and also probably because he knew I signed a $250 pet damages fee should-they-occur paper when checking in. He’s sneaky like that.

While at the show, I made yet another dog related impulse purchase and bought an extra long flirt pole with a tassle (get your minds out of the gutter, it’s for stimulating prey drive). http://hubpages.com/hub/Dog-Play-Fun-Games-to-Play-with-Your-Dog-or-Puppy

Dogs did a few turns around the yard and little cousin Alona is still looking for it. Hopefully it will help in bringing out her confidence a little more and help her to realize that being in strange situations can be fun. Using lazer lights and feather duster type toys to chase has made a huge impact on my other dogs in bringing out their desire to work while keeping it amusing. Fingers crossed!

Lastly, I need to make a few trips tomorrow to the garden store for sand, gravel and plants, and then off to Lowes to help in some dog proofing for an extra cool project. Beebe will really be over the moon for this when it’s finished. She’s doing remarkably since I started her on raw again (that’s her gnawing on a duck). It’s been several weeks, her coat seems very nice suddenly, and although her temperment has gotten a little “sharper”, that is a small thing relative to the improvement in her overall health. By the way, Jen http://theyarewhattheyeat.blogspot.com/, Green Tripe does so smell. The dogs love it though, thanks!

One thought on “On the Road Again, Ike has a Brag

  1. Thats a sexy photo of Miss Beebe! I'm so, so glad raw is helping her! I think its a must for dogs with allergy issues. I think raw helped Tsuki for as long as it did.You love tripe, you know you do. 🙂 YAY IKE! Alona sounds adorable – is there a pic of her yet?And can't wait to see the finished project!

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