Weekly Shibatudes: Shibas at Work

We’ve been a little down here this last week, our miss Peach went back to her mommy in the country for a while to blow her coat and take a breather from big city living. We didn’t have much time to be sad, because we have a new beautiful girl in her place here for training. Ike is in pig heaven with all these gorgeous females falling into his lap. Beebe would rather pounce on them and play dirty, but these country girls just don’t play like that, and don’t understand her big city ways yet so we have some snarking every now and again followed by time outs.
New little cousin is quite a gal, and was very well behaved at work (I take my dogs with me). People must think we run a Shiba daycare on the side by now. She has also enjoyed hanging out with big cousing Ike and Beebe during their lessons, and was even joining in on some Agility which really helped her confidence. As an awesome bonus, we were able to have some 1:1 private training on focus exercises and calming techniques (with Beebe’s very favorite trainer using positive techniques that have so greatly improved all of my dog’s focus and attention and ability to tune out stresses). She suggested using a little clicker training, positive name association with a very high value food item (chicken livers-eww) and “watch me” commands.

We all spent the day today at the fairgrounds in Shelton for another show, followed by a visit at grandmas house. It was beautiful weather, hail, rain, high winds, thunder and lightening with some noisy flapping tent canopies to top it off. What more could a bunch of reactive dogs want in an outing? Needless to say, we wrapped it up early and made a very short day of it following Ike’s Reserve win against the amazing Specials dog. Upon arriving home, Ike and the others quickly undid my half hearted grooming attempts by rolling in a pile of regurgitated Crow worms! Thanks Shibas!

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