And baby makes three…

What a busy last few weeks. We have been graced with the presence of Ike’s little sister, Peachy. She has been a most welcome little house guest, and is of course, very captivated by everything Ike does “monkey see, monkey do”. Ike has been quite the gentleman in return and Beebe was a suprisingly tolerant hostess, which was contrary to what I have always been told about two females living together. She really has exemplified what being a Canine Good Citizen means (for a Shiba).

Ike was the best older brother for Peachy, he really showed her the ropes in the show ring over the last few weeks and about how to behave on lead and for the judges exam. Peachy took all of this to heart by taking home a basket of toys and gifts and a huge rosette for Best Puppy on her very first time in the ring! We were all shocked at how she turned it on and I am especially proud of her.

Having to juggle the three of them at home, at shows, and on walks has brought me to several important immediate conclusions about any future dog ownership on my part. I need a bigger car, I need property, I refuse to ever own a fully carpeted home again, and I need to find a way to be my own boss. Two dogs is very easy for one person, three dogs is a stretch. More than three…I have a lot of focusing work to do in the next 2-3 years if that’s where my goals really point.

One thought on “And baby makes three…

  1. Three shibas to one of you! You are a champ!I'm glad they were enjoying their time together. Sounds like Peachy lives up to her namesake 🙂

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