Weekly Shibatudes: an update

I will try and post a weekly or so update about our goings on.

Ike: We went to the breeders and I got a very good lesson in ring handling and proper presentaion. Long and short of it, if I am careful with how I move and present him, Ike should be fit enough to officially start doing some shows.

I entered him in the June 6-7th Puyallup cluster, so we will see how it goes! I have a few weeks anyways to iron out the kinks and go buy something suitable to wear for myself.

Beebe: Week 3 of her CGC class has gone by with good progress. She is showing very good focus and attention. She still can’t seem to keep the “bark” inside, every once in a while one just slips out. She is doing extremely well with heeling and sitting to be pet. The instructor told me she had way too much obedience training. With shibas, you can never have too much training.

Agility class is likewise, going very well. Beebe has really “turned on” with this type of training and her obedience work has improved 10 fold because it’s turned into an awesome game now. Tunnel-okay with that but sometimes she decides to back out of it or jump on top of it, same with the chute. Weaves poles-would rather try and jump over them (I don’t know how this works in her brain). Aframe-loves it! Dog walk-my shiba may be a mountain goat. Tire-does ok. Teeter-umm, it moves when she touches it so she would rather it didn’t exist.

We may be taking some time this summer to enter some Obedience/agility competitions, and will post dates later.

Tell me what you think!

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