Welcome to our blog!

Please lower your expectations immediately. As Shiba Inu don’t have functioning thumbs, I am obliged to write out their thoughts at their bidding, and sometimes am allowed to type my own. Therefore, it’s a given that much will be lost in translation, but we’ll try to make it work. Therefore, the quality of this writing is expected to be dismal, at best. The Shibas apologize in advance for the dummy at the keyboard.

We will keep you updated on our mundane lives, tell you all about the ho-hum walks in the park, the tiring plastic bag chases, the exhausting rides around boring Puget Sound, and if you insist, we shall also speak about all the lame-o things we are forced to do when we would rather be sleeping or licking ourselves most discreatly. We are definately too naughty shibas.

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