A little more about us

We live in the Shiba Inu friendly Puget Sound region of Washington state and are fortunate to have several great, reputable breeders in residence who work closely with various breed clubs and Japanese experts in the improvement and preservation of this wonderful breed. Why I chose NOT to utilize one of these breeders in the purchase of my first Shiba, is one of my greatest failures as a dog owner.

It wasn’t from lack of education, either. As an experienced dog person who had worked professionally with Shiba Inu before, I had also seen the terrible results of bad breeding first hand. I am terribly disappointed in myself that 1 Shiba bitch puppy, the very first Shiba pup I had ever seen, was able to sway my resolve and cause my hand to pull out my check book on the spot.

2 years later, Beebe has undergone multiple procedures for treatment of allergies, an immune deficiency, demodex, papillomas, and behavior problems. Looking back I realize she is incredibly fortunate to have come into a home that can provide the care she needs and cover the high costs of her medical care.

The second time around, I was gun shy but I did find the right second dog, Ike. Thank you Leslie Engen at San Jo Kennels! I think this boy is my doggy soul mate. It took over a year of interviewing, e-mails and looking at dogs on multiple occasions before I found the best match for us. He was not what I started out looking for, but he is just what I needed.

Stay tuned for updates on Beebe’s formal Obedience and Agility training, and Ike’s adventures in the show ring.

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